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Dance conventions are regional educational events hosted by professional dancers. They are held on weekends in large cities nationwide—typically in hotel ballrooms—with a stage for instructors to teach from. Many conventions also hold competitions so that attendees can have their routines critiqued by dance professionals.

Instructors at dance conventions are usually experts in the field of dance and are either currently working in the industry (e.g., music videos, films, commercials, buy my research paper assignment writing industrial’s, concerts, Broadway) or have in the past. These professionals sometimes teach at well-known dance studios in Los Angeles or New York, such as The EdgeThe MillenniumBroadway Dance Center, and Steps on Broadway.

Dance schools participate in dance conventions to learn from the professional dancers who host them. Conventions are a means for dance teachers and students to learn buy my research paper assignment writing new technique, and styles of dance from New York City and Los Angeles, without incurring the expense of traveling to distant cities.